One thing you can count on in spring summer garb is the intermittent return of sheer garments. Guess what? Women don't really wear this stuff. Learn to ignore all the hype and don't let the transparent pull team drag you down. Sheers serve a purpose stylistically, via layering, but are not worth all the pressure they provoke. The other purpose is that collections that show them, are always ensured global coverage on the 24 hour sheer garment runway network. The footage is shown time and time again, not because sheers are all the rage, knock, knock; but because it draws the car obsessed demographic to tune-in, and guess who sponsors the show? I actually had one such network programmer refuse a stack of our B-roll because there "weren't enough sheers". The fact that we didn't cover them because they are not really deemed truly important in our fashion mondo point of view didn't even register on his barometer, as he ran off to his meeting with Volvo.

Sheer toting bubble heads from Julien Mac Donald

On the body beautiful front, we are now all aware of the benefits of yoga and have figured out that the mind and body are actually connected, beyond keeping sample sale dates straight and trying on clothes. Stretching muscles, both mental, physical, and style-related, are all important facets of growing towards fashionable enlightenment. Odds are also high in terms of running into the likes of a Willem Dafoe or Madonna in a yoga class. Remember pilates? Only a season ago and now just a blip on the style screen, has been replaced full force by Billy Blanks' Tae-bo. Marketing whiz apparent by attaching his name to the product, he blends his own tried and trued version of martial arts and boxing, to dance music, and is amazing to watch. His infomercial is remarkably convincing and nothing sends a die-hard fashionista over-the-edge like unavailability. The video tapes are "running out" they can"t seem to "make them fast enough to fill orders".
Just when you think you've finally become immune to new packaging, along comes another new hair product that you cannot live without. Hairdresser Benito Joseph Hernandez developed a roll-on vial of Jojoba hair gloss that comes in two herbal blends - one for light and one for dark hair. Both are Jojoba based with varied mixings of goodness like Rosemary, Lavender, Lemon and Chamomile. Order it over the phone, and they pay for postage, hello. At 15 bucks per one healthy ounce vial - it makes your hair shiny, shiny and smells so good that you might not need a trip to the summer fragrance counter. Toll free shine seekers call 1-877-BJH -8454.

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February 1999