Messages come in all flavas. Some things morph into strong message bearers without the help of publicists. The BBC's Teletubbies began their little lives as everyday educational UK based TV stars. Who could have guessed that Jerry Fallwell would have anointed little handbag bearing Tinky Winky into one of Chelsea's more fashionable gay icons. We have ascertained that Tinky is probably carrying an Anja Hindmarch handbag, available at Harvey Nichols, or perhaps picked up a Kate Spade while stateside. His broad appeal has attracted the bulk of cute hard core Japanese club girls who are all bored with Hello Kitty by now, as he appears on backpacks, T-shirts, and more accessories than we can count. Reveling in his broad appeal, Tinky Winky is happily sashaying all the way to the bank with licensing deals, and multiple spin-off projects. Stay tuned for the obnoxious style impaired, gender specific Fox Family knock-off called The Jellabies - on whom the pigtails and flowers oh so clearly separate the girls from the nautical logo bearing, sneaker wearing boys.

Speaking of Queens.... We were awe inspired by the premier stateside fall collection showing by The Queen of Fashionable Self-Expression herself, Vivienne Westwood, at Bryant Park. Shown in the smallest venue - for extra special ruckus - the show mirrored the same marketing philosophy that she and Malcom Mc Claren used in their London Sex Boutique days. (1970s, King's Road, exuding anti-establishment air of "in-the-know" social happening exclusivity...) Judging by the sweat beads on the foreheads of every photographer trying to crash the still works like a charm. Vivienne has a special place in our hearts not only because she has always danced to the beat of her own drum (that she custom made for herself with special festooning), she consistently enlightens those around her with every single collection and is married to a man 25 years her junior who can actually dress himself.

If we could get help from the beyond with one style decision it would be with summer shoes. The high pressure sneaker craze has thankfully simmered, as the toes can use some air. The quest for something new in the shoe department is always difficult, because how different can sandals really get season after season, after season, after season. So for a good time, go out and stock up on non-fuzzy slippers, and wear them outside. No one but you will know.

Good indoor/outdoor slippers came from the happy Sanuk line - rocking particularly in the leopard print. Sanuk's happy message is "Smile, pass it on". Their outdoor appeal was discovered accidentally by running out of the house (late) with them on. After six complements from total strangers spanning the radius of Houston Street, up to the 36th Street Hilfiger office (two happened in that elevator) and back down Park Ave, we knew that we were on to something stylish by default. The "casual, yet slightly trashy" vinyl mules found at the likes of Walmart, that your great aunt wears around the house are also the ticket, and offer a completely different summer shoe vibe. Their virgin state works just fine, but if you'd like to spruce them up to your own happening summer style specs: