Finding new ways to pare down and match to the nines can actually be challenging and creative. Until the roads fork again, luxury does not have to be in the driver's seat of the monochromatic car. Bless your credit line if you can afford the head to toe lux ticket - but there are other routes to take. Par example: Grab a Gap-esque cableknit turtleneck, an oversized hoodie and some vintage leather pants - all the while keeping related hue families intact. If you can get your hands on a beigy sheepskin or fuzzy zip vest to top it all off with - you are truly winter's mistress. Layering with different textures is about as mach fun as you can eek out of winter dressing - so go at it with verve. Recent mall travels have led us to the secret knowledge that Sears men's department has the best taupe-y tan color in heavyweight hoodie known to man. The standard American double knit cuffs that set off our style alarms were easy enough to alter with a "subtle designer touch" by hemming them up a half width. Lining the hood with anything fuzzy pushes the envelope further. "Crazy how the details count!" A notch further on this evolutionary scale of paring down may pave the way to a golden path next spring where jeans, white T shirts and Jimmy Dean smirks will be all we need.