New monochromatic masters on the scene, An Imitation of Christ rode in on a horse of a different color over the cusp of Spring 2001. This second showing was brought to you by the design team's actress partner Tara Subkpoff using dough made from a recent film role. The California based duo, whose other half includes Matthew Donhave, reconstructed vintage finds into polished mourning clothes. This season was aptly staged in a funeral parlour a stone's throw from Manhattan's Tomkin's Square Park. Their procession-like showing included the loving widow and children of the lost one, models shedding real tears and the impeccably dressed bemourned in an open casket. Local shock value aside, (the pet shop matron across the street was aghast) each one of a kind piece was sold out by show's end.

Stylish to the very end.

The tartan plaid movement that sprinkled down some runways (and led the way towards a revisited prepster look from Marc to Tommy), isn't the horse to bet on in this winter's race. Like a good sneeze - it's all over outside of wrapping that chunky sweater around your shoulders when you can't find your scarf. For those with a strong need to carry things a step further, see if you can unearth some of that vintage Vivienne Westwood that you put in storage last year. Other noticeable fashion news included Nicole Miller's sudden embrace of camouflage.

Better late than never.