Getting out of bed is hard enough to do in the winter, let alone face getting dressed. Fall fashion was strange at best, leaving us with few real barometric readings for cold weather wardrobing outside of multiple sightings of red on red alternating boldly with beige on beige in fall collections. Season after season of cute graphics, catchy slogans, brightly colored prints and overly embellished jeans and sweaters have led us down this stark winter's path. Happily, camel on camel is an easy ride.

fall/winter interpretations was folded neatly into a sublime, modern capsule form by Bottega Veneta. Cutting to the chase of fashion's main direction, this collection embodies everything you need to know in order to pull this season off - glitch free. Bottega offered a "wink" to the '70s combined with serious acknowledgment to luxury fabrications and impeccable fit. The collection's perfectly infused smidgen of edge came from creative director Laura Montaldo, who probably absorbed a fair share during her receptionist gig at Andy Warhol's Factory in its heyday. It was easy to picture Bianca Jagger boarding a jet in these clothes. Fashion week outings are still good for the their amusement factor. Big fun to spot Billy Baldwin openly breaking the "straight white men should not sport leather pants in public" commandment, while seated front row center.

Scenes from the Bottega factory showcase.

Speaking of leather, the longtime bread and butter of winter wardrobes has been taking some new directions, pairing often with surprising fabrications. Soften up your traditional hard leather look with satin blouses, feminine shawls and angora camisoles. Newcomers like Syren showed her leather wares outside the mainstream loop at East Village fixture Continental Divide. The clothes had a slightly futuristic albeit edgy rock and roll vibe reminiscent of vintage Rebecca Danenberg and were made surprisingly well for a debut show. As with most debut shows, it suffered from poor club lighting and all real detail was captured in the dressing room afterwards. At the opposite end of the marketing loop, Jill Stewart blended her beautiful modern leather pieces with romantic tops and flowing gowns on lithe wispy angels.

Syren's rock and roll hootchie cool.

Missing Angels at Jill Stewart.