Every cloud has a silver lining, and deep in the heart of Los Angeles lives the coolest new cosmetic company that based on packaging alone, is sure to give the competition a run for their money. M pro cosmetics resulted from the perfect marriage between the guys responsible for the LA eyeworks campaign and a coupla groovin' make-up artists named Jan and Michelle. The packaging sports cool pictures of real people *just like you* and offers humorous empowerment like "Make hair submit", "Never tested on animals, unless you count guys". All of their product line rocks and is way, way, cheaper that it could be. Available at Urban Outfitters, 1-888-MOX-STUFF and most friendly neighborhood drugstores. Their best pieces to date are their M duos, containing the two things you need most, in one sleek stick. This pencil/brow gel combo is true genius.

If the skin you put your make-up on is in trouble while you're in LA, we've uncovered a skin doctor, who will make it glow. Dr. Harold Lancer is one of Hollywood's best kept secrets. He has the usual spinoffs of the hard sell product line, but as with any retail venue, read the labels first and remember that you can supplement your regime with things you can buy for less at your local drug store. Aloe Vera gel, for instance. His right hand nurse Leah, has the patience of a saint, and knows everything about women's skin problems. Things that work: Glycolic AHA cream 12%, containing a higher AHA% and is more face friendly than what you would find over-the-counter. On the popular Vitamin C cream bandwagon, his concentrated Citrex C serum is also great, but our personal studies found Cellex-C cream to show better results, as well as more bang for your buck. If you get sun splotches, common for girls on the pill, or moms to be, prescription only Soliquin Forte bleach gel clears up those pesky splotches and has a built-in sunscreen. Note on gel vs creme: the gel stings a bit, but won't kill you and is worth the momentary discomfort. The cream, however, which is similar in composition, burned holes in my face, therefore is not the version that we stand behind. Dr. Harold Lancer and Princess Leah can be reached at 310.278.8444.

We found Coppertone 45 SPF to rock the world of sunscreen. It's cheap, smells good, doesn't sting, and does its job well. Never leave the house without it on your face AND hands, if you want to stay baby cute for as long as possible. Speaking of babies, baby fragrances (a scary, yet existing market) offers pale citrusy scents that have funny packaging and cost next to nada compared to the rest of the markets at hand. With the French at the helm, Celeste (Babaar the Elephant's girlfriend) has a good one, and so does Tartine et Chocolate. Both available at the new Sephora fragrance world. Unable to link you there without permission, they do have a site, but you'll just have to find it on your own. Avoid mass market scents attached to feature length Disney films like "La Bella y el Bestia" - that really really stinka, holding more value as objets du toy, rather than scent value. BASE of Miami does an excellent scent for grown ups that is reminiscent to the petite market in terms of being fresh and clean, with a sophisticated twist. Available at Lincoln Road's South Beach BASE store.

Our closing summer thought is: Don't be a style chicken. Once we pass through the millennial wall to the other side, and the world hasn't exploded, one of the big glorious sighs of global relief can be expressed through personal style again. But, why wait till then? See you in September.

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June 1998