Speaking of revolution, combat boots are back in a big way - and can easily solve the sneaker problem at hand. Lots were seen on fall runways, especially with the long skirt `80s redux and are great for your prefall transition using that summer khaki as a base.

If Summertime makes you break out in hives because you are one of many with lingering Christmas butt, khaki cargo pants for boys are a great slimming trick. They're low slung, so you can show off your belly button action, but are wide enough below the hip line to cover up the scary parts. Make sure they fit the lower waist and revel in their bagginess. Cute with camisoles (aka cut off slip dresses from last summer), tees and halters.

Fortunately for hair color freaks,
there's a wayward gypsy look in effect,
just in time for haircolor sunblockin' safety.
And it goes like this:
Floral/print scarf dans la tete
+ a cotton camisole/tank
+ sarong with chunky belt/another sarong
+ sandals/flip flops/sneakers
= an easy look to have on hand.

And if you don't think a 56 inch square of
batik fabric from a trendy island-hopper shop
is really worth 80 bucks - make your own
with a square of cotton fabric. Widths vary,
so fold the width diagonally to measure a square,
before they make the cut. You can probably get
away with only hemming the cut edges.
The selvaged edges are passable as finished
by summer beach wear standards. Or, skip hemming,
because you're late for that boatride and give it a quick spin it in the washer/dryer - for a fast fringed effect.

Spending the rest of the summer pretending you're a regal island goddess queen is a good thing. It keeps your self image screwed on straight while preventing you from dating cabana boys and cute surfers sans jobs because "royalty doesn't date the help". This advanced planning helps make your September boyfriend house cleaning a breeze.