Also emotionally trying on the style chakra is hanging around with guys who are convinced that they have strong signature styles. As a girl can't say just anything in any way to the male ego largess: You're left with the choices of changing your phone number, taking them on as some kind of twisted style clinic project, or chipping away at their subconscious until they change of their own accord, convinced that it was their own idea. One such trying experience was while on a date with a guy in one of those stylized anti-style bands who had - I kid you not - prosthetic vampire teeth - as some kind of disjointed goth statement. I fought hard not to comment throughout our meal - and even ordered Blood Orange Sorbet with a straight face after dinner. I still squint whenever I happen to catch their video (O.K. Matchbox 20) to see if the nightmare is finally over.

Which brings us right into style clues for boys:

Don't wear jeans "a la Seinfeld":
These are pants or jeans that are snug and hoisted to full capacity around the waist. Keep in mind that the only reason Jerry Seinfeld ever got laid was because he wrote his own show.

Don't ever even think about wearing acid washed jeans unless you're a Mack-Daddy groover in a `70s rock revival band and you truly understand the parody.

Don't wear suits with sneakers for a "casual effect". This will remind your potential dream date of possible prom nightmares past. It's not clever, or cute. Just dumb.

Don't wear a comb in your back pocket - even if you really are a redneck at heart. This relates directly to our next rule of never taking longer to primp than she does - even if you don't - the comb is a constant reminder that you think about it. Bad, bad form.

Smell clean as often as possible, wear clean clothes, and don't overdo cologne. A chick who wants to be with a guy - wants to be with a guy.

Never wear sunglasses at night. Don't ask why.

Don't go crazy to hide hair loss - it happens. Shaved heads are sexy. So are buzz cuts. Toupees and hair weaves flapping in the wind are not. Neither is plaster of Paris keeping that one strand over the bald spot. A girl wants to be able to tousle hard with the boy she's with, hair acoutrements aside.

Don't be afraid to try new things that you haven't necessarily seen in an ad, in a movie or on your college roommate. Take some "alone" time to delve inside the stylish rogue within, and decide that you really don't represent the (fill in your own blank here) preppy/rocker/East Village punker/squatter/construction worker image that family/peer pressure has caused you to embody. Chicks love the results.

Nothing is sexier than a guy with his own sense of style that he figured out all by himself.