Changing seasons is hard to do. Not only because of odd weather behavior, but because of current mixed messages from the usual style monitors. Once again, its time to break out the fur collar, and hide your white mules. Digging through your closets and deciphering a new look that is both au courant and still resembles the pre-summer you, is not fun, especially this fall, when all of the directional signs are hiding. Covered with ivy and over growth from seasons passed, somebody needs to call the style gardener fast. Things we know for certain are that the prevailing vibe is a bit more elegant, with more polish. Satins, velvet flocking, real shoes with real heels...and if you haven't already, lose the slouch, and think money when you posture yourself. Every time there's a directional lull in the style system, that void filling movement towards all black appears. And here we go again, just as we managed to move ahead a few paces. Forward thinking color emphasis is on reds, maroons, browns and deep jewel tones. Anything in brown suede is extremely happening. Browns also serve as an easy transition for those that can't readily part with black without extensive therapy.
Be brave, wear brown.

Pictured: Cynthia Steffe does a good brown.

There is a distinct parting of the red sea of fashion with one of its stronger currents pushing towards pants and menswear inspired suiting. This is a dirty trick after the industry just convinced die-hard pant suit girls to wear slip dresses and skirts all summer long. Sorry but, you just can't change gears that fast without bumping your head on the dashboard. Fortunately, the flipside is all about skirts and skirts and skirts. Skirts are going to be around for a long time, and legs are fast becoming the vital fashion accessory. Watching your tanned legs fade with the last of the summer boyfriends is definitely no picnic, but working on the right look for fall will ensure a whole new crop of admirers before the first snowfall. Don't be confused by the smorgasbord of lengths, as whatever does your gams the most justice, wins. Fear not, as the right hosiery will take you through fall's micro-mini mania unscathed.