Accessories have not had the most fun lately. Remember that widely published Zoran comment that husbands and children should be the accessories of choice for a woman, and minimalistic pared down nakedness should prevail? It's over. After kicking and screaming for the past several seasons, the accessories market is finally making a fierce come back. Toting hats and bags no longer symbolizes women as overly decorated Christmas trees - making men out to be the true free spirits of the modern thinking world. It just means that women are more stylish. Period.


Trunk show debutante Jacqualine Lamont shows her stuff at Bloomingdales.

With elegance at the helm, luxury is definitely the buzzword for fall. Better lines are finally leaning towards never-been-seen silhouettes in theory, and a bit less towards vintage redux. The one vintage piece that still adds just enough sentiment to any modern look, day or night, are little beaded chainstrapped evening bags.

Speaking of bags, Kipling backpacks, long attached to every back in town are now available in a street version brand called "Sky Mount Pinnacle", which may or may not mean something, to someone. The Orient somehow manages to lose something in the translation during the knock-off process. Our favorite, to date, was a T-shirt that sported the slogan: Superman: unable NOT to fight crime.

Yeohlee making elegance seem effortless.