Anyone who still thinks in terms of demographics deserves a thump on the head. That tired, old way of thinking is dwindling away fast with the close of this century. A new day is dawning that marks an era of being however old or young you want to be, and dressing accordingly, no matter what the glossies say. The overwhelming state nouveau of redefining definitions - is hopefully here to stay. Try as you might to avoid the millenium frenzy. It's there - it's big - and there's no where to hide. Instead of stressing your brain's style cells trying to fast forward march into the future, it is helpful to know that there is a strong growing trend towards the "anti-modern" into "the 2000s". This not only applies to technology, mind you, but can also be carried into one's closet. The ubermodern silver cyberoutfit as the one to wear at millennium celebrations is way off track and is probably not what you really want to pass in a mirror - ever. Draw on the past for tried and trued styles that have served you like good friends, and on the future in spirit. Take a deep breath and reflect on the past ten decades of style, take global warming into consideration and get dressed.

We have witnessed a stellar century of many fashion icons, some of whom have generated enough staying power to bridge the next century. Bob Mackie is one of them. Hollywood obsessed designer Randolph Duke has been touted by some as the "Bob Mackie" of the next millennium. Those misinformed enough to make a statement that crazy obviously missed Mackie's retrospective at NYC's Fashion Institute of Technology, life in the 70s, or both. Few designers have had the fearless creative drive that Mackie was born with. At a very early age young Bob did things like cut out elaborate stage sets for his paper dolls with costumes to match. Later, he parlayed what came naturally into work with real live television dolls who had their own shows - like Carol Burnett. His influence on the media and fashion industries are permanent. Bob Mackie dressed everybody from Cher to Barbie - as well as Barbie as Cher. Right exactly now is the eau so perfect timing for his fragrance launch - appropriately called Masquerade - that hits stores in the spring.

Welcome to Mackie's World.