One of the strongest retail trends of the '90s was heavy emphasis on "lifestyle". So heavy that we often forgot all about how we looked while we were enjoying whatever lifestyle it was that we were emulating. Super sloppy mass market Urban Sportswear is on the downslide ever so slowly, but watch it happen. The gangsta scene will start to clean up nice. Even the Big Man on hip hop campus, Tommy H. himself, was recently quoted as saying "My children don't wear my clothes. I don't want them wearing my clothes. I like my son dressed well, as opposed to baggy jeans and sweatshirts", to national newspapers. Well Tom, you reap what you sew. Eventually this train of thought will have some trickle down effect on the wayward consumer.

One thing that is certain not to change with this or any other millennium is the hard fact that whenever a public spectacle involving supermodels in New York occurs, model mogul Donald Trump will be found lurking nearby. The Times Square 2000 extravaganza was one such spectacle that we still don't understand. There was no common thread between any of the clothes shown, and it felt vaguely like VHI's fashion music awards without the music. The only thing keeping us from running out screaming was the prospect of one more glimpse of Uma Thurman's super cute younger brother.

The new New York Collections show schedule is harder to keep track of than daylight savings. This year, the Fall 2000 shows start bright and early in Feburary. There's nothing like getting a head start.

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