One collection that walked the tightrope between past inspiration and the present into future - without a glitch - was Hussein Chalayan for TSE New York. There were whispers of '40s and '50s movie star chic in his Spring 2000 show without the blatent ruboffs apparent on some runways. The philosopy of TSE and all elements under its umbrella company are very modern in thought. True believers in the breakdown of demographic thinking, they encourage customer crossovers between all of their product divisions. TSE likes to challenge tradition by using surprising design slants while blending fiber and fabric with the latest technologies. The company's newest angle,TSE Surface, was inspired in part by a large number of women buying XXL hoodies from TSE's children's line. Surface offers "young luxury" at a lower price point, catering to those younger in thought, regardless of age. Stay tuned for exclusive TSE Surface retail spaces sprinkling the nation next year.

Pretty modern whispers from Tse New York