The new flagship TATI Bridal Superstore is just about the most offbeat marriage of fashion and commerce that American soil has ever seen - and long overdue! Convieniently located, as if a happy mirage, right accross the street from the Tent Scene at Bryant Park on Fifth Avenue. The friendly pink checked awning bekons to those who have met its predecessors in Paris, as well as newcomers who are sure to be awestruck. The petite chien store mascot, both white and fluffy, sets the tone for your total TATI experience Francaise. Bonus points largess come from the fact that it IS an offshoot of TATI Paris, and you can also pick up lingerie with genuine Made in France labels. Bringing their discounted philosophy to the bridal market, their wide range of wedding gowns makes Kleinfelds' seem like a tiny, tiny dot on the retail Wedding Cake. Following the same theme, TATI is heaven on earth for prom goers, beauty pageant contestants, the Quincianera and sweet sixteen scenes. We fell in love with TATI's Paris mecca, a long, long time ago, and are tickled pink to know that there's one close by.

The story of TATI is legendary in the entrepreneureal world. Fifty years ago, young Tunisian Jules Ouaki settled in Paris, and laid the groundwork for the then unknown concept of discount shopping. A pioneer, turning over cash to warehouses for goods, he became one of the first jobbers ever, and soon his merchandise spilled onto the Streets of Boulevard Rochechouart. So successful with his new approach, he was awarded the Legion of Honor for pushing the "neighborhood businesses" (read brothels) out and creating, well, respectable jobs in the community.

Located on the wrong side of Pigalle, it still resembles more of an Arab bazaar than the upper crusty shopping scene so prevailant in the rest of Europe. Known for turning their noses up at anything but true bargains, the hard core Parisian shopping set swiftly made TATI the source for their royal kilos of disposible lingerie.

Now on the shores of America, TATI has plans of horizontal expansion, with successors as far and wide as Beirut, Turkey, Africa, and the USSR. Visit often, as the well is constantly and delightfully replenished with new selections.

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