Erosion occurs naturally when roots are not quite deep enough to sustain the winds of change. Models sit on the bench as X-Files heartthrob Gillian Anderson sits in for campaigns, major fashion houses are crumbling with bankruptcy, and with an ironic twist, some houses are using bankrupt celebrities (Marc Bower - Toni Braxton) as models. Just when the model pool thought that the celebrity cover trend had finally run its course, so they could get back to work in the style that they're accustomed to, here comes yet another real people surge in advertising. Esprit, that favorite San Francisco based company we grew to love in the '80s is plotting their revival comeback along the real people trail with a campaign due next Spring. Banana Republic has been scouting the streets in order to score new catolog faces, and Custo Barcelona, (one of many), pegged stylists to strut their garb, their way, during last week's Spring Collections. The real people thing works well for real people clothing and inspires consumer approachability, but what is left of haute fantasy just looks best on high fashion girls and we hope the rag world keeps models in the pink. Big scary yawn to ever see our next-door neighbor appear in a major fashion glossy.

Noticed lately, that those models lucky enough to snatch bookings from the clutches of celebrities, particularly on the catwalks, aren't as odd looking anymore, and are all starting to look as pretty as Paulina Porizkova c.1987 revisited, albeit with a slight hint of alien trucco. Now would be the ideal time for a large shred of hope for a Kim Alexis revival if she wasn't so omnipresent as the poster girl for embarrassing medical conditions. Speaking of models who made good in the afterlife of post model mortem:
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The sunny disposition of Ines de la Fressange keeps shining through.

Coasting along the sea of gray woolens this fall, without a strong style paddle can make you very sleepy. Gray is "nice" and all, but making so much sense all the time is a big bore. There has to be an occasional jolt of color just to keep the blood moving through winter. Another recent style snore comes from twin set after twin set after twin set. We need to conjure our most powerful inner will to avoid the lethal numbing combination of gray twin sets. It is imperative that you break up the twin-set mentality before it sucks you in and turns you into a Stepford Wife by next spring. As your first baby step towards the forthcoming Glitter Rock Uber-Trend, (coming to a theatre near you), wear an old Rock and Roll or new Japanese Super hero T-shirt under your unbuttoned cardigan. Hanson and Pamela Anderson photo motifs work dandy too. If your T of choice is not quite fitted enough, borrow Grandma's sewing machine and take in the sides and sleeves. To get rid of extra length, The Joy of T-Shirt Alteration includes making a horizontal cut at the desired new hemline, and ripping away the excess straight across. The fabric edge usually curls up and makes its own decent finish.
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In the dangerous world of potential Stepford Wife Abduction, Superheros are a good thing to emulate. Ghost kept the Superhero within alive throughout their fall '98 collection.