A belly dancing craze currently sweeping the fashion planet combined with gale-force commercial winds aimed at pushing surfwear mainstream, are forcing these two prevalent fashion themes forward. Merely anticipating the film Blue Crush was enough to convince some cosmetics companies to create surf inspired eye-shadows. But wait, surfers don't wear eye-shadow. Others missing the wave include Julian Schnabel, who has been recently spotted patrolling Montauk researching his new *surely not-to-be missed* surf film.

The new svelte Karl Lagerfeld, who has clearly also lost his mind, openly announced that women should just starve if they can't fit into his new collection. Considering the style source, we now know that his sending surfboards down the runway took away any integrity the trend may have had. Real, living surfers know that surfing isn't a "trend". Take some subtle tips from the lifestyle if you must and think layers - not board shorts. All-weather layers make for wardrobe versatility in this increasingly seasonless state of things. Add a dash of the belly dancing vibe to the mix with a sarong over pants or top a cocktail dress with a furry vest to truly capture the "I-don't-give-a-damn-but-still-live-in-the-realm-of-au-courant-style" look. With plenty of visuals to draw from in the current film library: The Guru, Satin Rouge and Devdas (the most expensive East Indian film ever made), fabric wraps and jewel-toned layers will soon become second nature.

Screen print artwork and haiku ©Ryan Mc Guinness.