Fiorucci, our first real house of worship in the 80s, dangerously reopened too close for comfort on Broadway at Houston this summer. Full of glee - we set ourselves up for major disappointment as we expected at least somewhat similar merchandise at similar price points. Instead we were greeted by racks of clothing representing current do-it-yourself projects at insanely high prices. Sadly, with the new state of the nation - we don't expect it to stay open beyond Spring.

Timing is everything. We are still too stunned to form an opinion regarding the new Dutch magazine Mainline Lady, financed by the country's health ministry, that caters to fashion and appearance-conscious hard core drug users. The publication's upside is its bold realistic insight into the horrible world of heroin addiction. The heavy downside is the blatant lack of encouragement to get their readers to quit their habits. Perhaps there is a well thought-out case of reversed psychology at work here? Perhaps not.

On the flip side of the spectrum, clearly on the trail of self-betterment, we found Stick Figure by Lori Gottlieb to be an inspiring delight. The bestselling book gives a first hand account of what the self-conscious years of a teen-aged bulimic were like, laced with enough sardonic humor to keep anyone entertained. More than just a great read - Stick Figure offers encouragement to those of all ages, trapped in the crazy world of fat gram counting, whose ill fitting aim is to look like clothing hangers in the name of Donatella. Now more than ever is the time to be "comfortable in your own skin" and whatever coverings you feel the best in.
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