Fall 2001 heralded the debut showing of Sean John - coming atcha from the artist formerly known as Puff Daddy - who managed to pay homage to many things at once within his collection including gangstas past and present, the Rolling Stones and his ex girlfriend (the artist formerly known as Jennifer Lopez). Pre-show press buzz was at an all time high - and in spite of the velvet roped "video prohibited" rule - many cameras rolled. Bear in mind that displays of this genre of hype occured often before the "world change" occured in September. If we thought that the advertising world was in a sorry state of confusion before the New World Order began, ad agencies are certainly packing for the funny farm now. Moving the herds of vapid, flashy retail stock through the American consumer market now is a seemingly impossible feat. If there is any competition between the former multi-tasking couple, they run neck and neck as J Lo's line hits the stores soon, which we hear has an unexpected conservative twist which may confuse even her most devout fans.

As more Americans spend their downtime immersed in TV land - the lines between the two worlds continue to blur. The recent gangsta flava found in closets and clubs throughout the nation got a marketplace boost in part by the success of HBO's Sopranos - as Pussy and countless other family members posed for everything from cigars to Italian suits and shoes. Little did they know that we were well on our way to a new, peaceful place in Fashionland, long before the nation's tragedy. At summer's end, Mr's Dolce and Gabbana dropped several grand at a local vintage source snatching up long, flowing empire waistlines with a definitive direction towards Stevie Nicks meets the Medieval Mistress of the Roundtable. As stylewaves travel faster than speeding light, several other designers are following inspirational suit, and contemplating similar silhouettes for 2002. Viewing the duo as one of the few viable commercial barometers with a true sense of style, with a connection to world consciousness, go ahead and wrap that long leather cord around and around any wide drapable waist and consider yourself ahead of the pack. Layer over jeans or boots with fishnets, top with vests. Wear hats. Relish in flowing layers, hippy beads and peace signs as items to help catapult yourself further towards the Bohemian now. The same source sold a multi-colored leather patchwork jacket with neon fur lining to the folks at Armani last month. If you're going to take your cues from anyone, we feel strongly that the D and G band is on the right track .