Wear gansta moll mules with your baggy cargo pants. Add black toe-polish with rhinestone studs.

Up your smudgy kohl eyeliner ratio. Inside the lower lid. Not a gender specific tip - is good for boys and girls. Pick up your own cake o' kohl in a Little India near you for $1.99.

Razor tear your T-shirt. Pull it back together with safety pins or sew it up with dental floss. If this scares you, buy one almost ready made by Karen Grupsky that includes instructions on how to cut your own.

Add a haphazard temporary streak of Manic Panic to your hair. It can be subtle and even pretty. Best of all it rinses out. Dark haired fiends can achieve the reversal - with a streak of silvery white.

Apply fake hickeys with theatrical bruising make-up humorously called CK1 from Ben Nye. Shock your best friend. Scare your aunt.

Multi-task your eyeliner. Fake a black beauty mark on your cheek. Never leave the house without Russ Myer-esque heavy upper lid eyeliner. Effective even in all khaki gear.

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