Animal activism is again at an all time high and in vivid display at the shows - in spite of the "heavily guarded" entrances at the recent NY Fall 2000 Collections. Activists were carted out of Oscar de la Renta and Michael Kors - to name a few - and getting past the guards at former trend leader Halston (now comprised of licensees, much fur trim and many celebutantes lining the first row) was even difficult with invitation in hand. With a simple switch to wearing animal motifs, you too can send out a subconscious message that you do really care, without the labor intensive bore of spraying fur coats on passers-by or causing uncomfortable scenes at fashion shows.

Susan Ciancialo's Run crafted animals for Spring 2000

Another offshoot of the anti-establishment wave, sprouting up in urban villages across the land, is the back to basics hand crafting group movement. Look for a rise in cooler quilting circles and knitting groups or start your own.

Knit One Pearl Two Betty Band rocker chicks in their Stitch N' Bitch knitting group.