Just when you can't bear to look at one more hanging thread, or another creatively slashed T shirt, you can count on this summer to be the passageway to some neater, cleaner, buttoned-up times. Blame it on Texas, Vegas winds, and a Republican in office, dressing today is represented largely by either Liberace gone for riding lessons or an uber clean French sailor (with Petite Bateau at the helm in most retail hubs) or both. Now's the time to Dolce up your old dark jeans and grab anything that could confuse you with a Vegas stripper, but wear it with a conservative twist. This'll keep 'em all guessing and keep you on the cutting edge with a winning wardrobe formula: Rhinestone driven looks are blinky blinky, like diamonds, and cowboys and sailors are rock solid. So the solid, yet dazzling state of wardrobe affairs makes sense, non? Go a little bit strip club but skip the tassles. And to accent the right here, right now look even further, squeaky clean skin and shiny hair are the best accessories.

Hide your razors and safety pins knowing well in advance that you'll be bagging up the "punk revisited" items for your pre-fall storage. One of the reasons that the recent punk nouveau is reaching the end of its trail is that left to its own accord, the look can easily teeter totter towards grunge again (which along with "heroin chic" was a hard habit to break but we did it) which conflicts with the au courant "mood" of aspiring prosperity (a natural in the height of any recession). Punk has always had a proactive energy, while grunge was completely passed out. Just in time to carry the torch of its forefathers to a new, necessary level, punk's offspring has passed the finish line in the form of British based Agent Provocateur. The hybrid result of Malcolm McClaren and Vivienne Westwood's son Corre with design/life partner in tow, the duo offer a punk inspired (of course) collection with a sleek, modern twist...

Of all the designers in the loop, Fausto Puglisi illustrated the tone du jour with a blinky show of glittery cowgirls for "fall" - that represented way beyond just one season. Responsible in part for Madonna's custom cowgirl look and Whitney Houston's rhinestone body necklace that stole the Grammys, he knows how to walk the line of flash and trash. Keep an eye out for things that sparkle, wear your Western brimmed sunhats at the beach and hang on to your hats for fall.

Flashy, trashy cowgirls along the Fausto trail.