There's a spoiled creature indigenous to Tribeca that dines primarily on cashmere. Only in New York. Known in the early days as the garment center for woolen mills, the area spawned a very snooty moth tribe. Ordinary wool, itching like it does, probably wrecked havoc on their little digestive systems. Can you imagine their delight the day they tried cashmere, never to look back again? Cashmere provokes more deep emotion than any fabric can ever hope to: Ultra suede and corduroy could never dare compete. Terry cloth will always show you a good time, but is a bit too familiar and far too seasonal. Cashmere is seasonless and maintains a constant air of mystery. It makes you want it, as often as you can have it. Cashmere is sleek. It has an elegant furrish raison d'etre, without the price of causing pain to animals. This current fashionable cashmere fest, allows cashmere to infiltrate places that it's never been before. From the fall collection of decidedly downtown Rebecca Danenberg to the luxury minded William Calvert. Happy, happy.

Calvert uses cashmere in his collection almost every fall, and likes to see people wear it through spring. As Bradley O' Brian, Design Director at Ralph Lauren so aptly puts it, "A day without cashmere is a day without sunshine."

Essence of the Cashmere Lounge

Oh happy day when Orlando Pita and George Casson opened their lucien pellat-finet store on Elizabeth Street. Run by Casson and associate Alfonso Yepez (while Pita's working his hairdo magic all over the world) the shop just celebrated its eighth week in town. Shopping there is a true cashmere extravaganza, as the on-duty duo both really truly love cashmere. "There's nothing like it", beams Casson. "Its so sexy" sings Yepez, who loves the pants (below) on both guys and girls. Both agree that it's great for spring and summer too, especially in the urban world of air conditioners. lucien regularly sells out of the June arrival of his fall goods by August. Of the 93 colors to choose from, the popularity award goes to a periwinkle blue called "forget-me-not", which through the psychic fashion network, found its way into many spring collections. The only remaining piece in the color, is being held for the shop's art curator Eddie, who changes the in-store art monthly. Hurry, hurry, the 40% off sale tag gets stripped away soon.

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Bursting with imported cashmere, lucien pellat-finet is sure to cause some moth migration.