One of the new accessories hot enough to give permanent tattoos a run for their money is henna. Taking its cue from Egypt, before arriving in Manhattan's trendy East Village, the ancient art of henna painting traveled through both India and Morocco representing good luck and marital blessings. Henna painting is most commonly prescribed to decorate the hands and feet, where the pigment takes the best. The natural stain ranges from orange to dark red depending on the lenghth of time it sets, and is made from herbs that condition the skin. Black henna tho - has additives, and is not completely pure. This East meets West process is finding its way onto fashionable skin from runways to music videos (Madonna's new one features the faux pax of black henna). We think it's a respectful idea to understand the background of cross cultural trends before diving in. Local experts, the Mehndi Project, will be offering their expertise in the field through their book via St Martin's press this summer. Until then, enter the Gates of Merakesh for all your hennaed needs at Valerie's Salon (149 Ludlow: 212-228-6833), where the Mehndi Project make cameo apperances Thursdays and Saturdays from 12-5.

If only Madge knew Mehndi.

Celebrity endorsements hit you on the head everytime you channel surf, flip though a magazine, or leave the house. One of my personal favorites is the Generra Sportswear's new underwear campaign. Aways dancing to the beat of a different drum, Generra's business philosophy was founded with much attention to Eastern thinking, including Fung Shui, and luck-attracting numerology. The proof is in the zen, as the company has grown to mammouth proportions, enabling its founding father to spend the rest of eternity sailing around the Caribbean. It made complete sense for Generra to use someone who does not yet qualify as a celebrity in the People magazine sense, that real people can relate to, on his climb towards success. Bright, ambitious, ballsy and way cute, Chad Beaman has recently announced his training for the year 2000 Olympics in Sports Acrobatics.
Get Lucky, wear Generra.



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