Known for revamping the low-end Parisian shopping mecca of Tati, Xüly Bet showed some beautiful stuff in his Chelsea Piers debut. Having first infiltrated New York through his Rue du Ludlow boutique on the lower eastside, Xüly Bet did a fierce ethnic twist, with much batik and tye-dye, all without revisiting Woodstock. The lack of music during the first part of the show prompted the French quarter of the photo pit to yell "bonjour" and "au revoir" with each passage, which in turn prompted giggles from all areas. Good times. One poor Asian model, who walked in heels like a drunken sailor on a tightrope, offered some much needed comic relief from the long week, en generale. (The shows were especially geographically trying to get to, requiring a complicated journey from camel to moat crossing vessel, while trying to get a cab.) Colors and textures were brilliant, and were a sight for eyes sore from the long playing "English Patient" khaki influence. The only drawback on the horizon maybe the return of the long-playing summer slip, albeit tie-dyed.

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