The September files

Subject: School Clothes

Hi Fashion Icon,
This year I am going to a school where I will have to wear a uniform. I am having some second thoughts about this because I havn't gone to a school were I have had to wear uniforms before and am not sure I will like it. I was wondering if there are any thing you can suggest to wear with the uniform so that I don't look like a total prep - but I also don't want to look like Britney Spears. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Uniform Warrior!

Dear Warrior,
We feel your pain, warrior. Ouch. Depending on how strict the school is - you're kind of limited to accessories and hairdos as your individualistic embellishments. Jackets will save you when it's cold. Sweaters with buttons and sparkles that scream "you". Cool schoolbags - tights and shoes? Practice being as stylistically "you" - as you can be during off hours - and see how much you can carry over into the school day. Also - very important (!) - you own your look, your personal style from the inside out - and your uniform - and it's not the other way around!
Good Luck,

Subject: Shoes

I recently read an Ann Landers column where a mom asked a fashion question that concerned her daughter's choice of shoes. I'm in my mid-twenties and I could not have been more grossed out by Ann's response. She suggested that the appropriate footwear for a casual navy blue dress would be black, blue or RED(blah) shoes but definitely not the brown ones the daughter was wearing. I think the best bet would be the brown ones. Either I have no idea what looks good or Ann and the mother are stuck in a fashion trend that is 20 years old. Could you clear this up for me?

Poor Ann,
So close and yet so far. Brown is fresh, phat and cool with navy. These days we make our own "neutrals" and brown is quite far from crazy. It's been touted enough as the "new black" by the glossies for a while - if you need to read that sort of thing - which you don't - as your fashion forward eye caught it already. Red would be the optimum choice for Shirley Temple.
You've got it going on - innately - and don't ever forget it!
Yours Truly,
Miss Icon