The October files

Hot Purse-suit!

Help. I am 51 and live in a upper middle to upper class neighborhood. (ahem, conservative) I want to buy one great new purse to use alot, maybe every day. Already have the basic Bottega bucket bag, Coach purses in black. I want another great looking all purpose bag. What would be a good investment? I am thinking of a Kate Spade bucket in red? A furry Chanel? What do you think?
In Hot Purse Pursuit

Dear Miss "right on-the-money" Bag Lady,
They all sound right on. A red or orange nice leather anything would be perfect right about now. You'd have some fun - but still maintain the "investment angle" of a nice leather piece. We got a sale memo in our box last week from Sara Shaw Handbags. I thought the copy was clever and the sale looks real good. The prices are even lower now - and the "Halloween" items include some great orange colors. How could you not at least look?

Our leftover orange handbags are haunting our brand new inventory! Help us conduct an exorcism and get them out of here!!! Buy our few remaining orange Spring bags at supernaturally low prices!!

Have big orange fun,