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Re: Subject: Spice in my life

Hey Icon,
What's up? I am so tired of wearing the same thing. I am shapley but my bottom half is slightly smaller than my top half. I can't wear those cute little shirts because my arms are a little chubbier than I'd like them to be. I don't wear shorts because my thighs are big but my legs are small. All I wear are long skirts and fitted shirts or bell bottom pants with a cut top. I hate this but I don't know anything else that compliments my shape. Please help me figure out a way to spice up my style.
Bored stiff in Idaho

Dear Spice Girl,
What about those sassy cotton knee length skirt numbers with the ruffly bottoms and some perky sandals? Long enough to cover the thighs - the ruffle adds dimension to your legs. Shapely girls can stop traffic in Marilyn Monroe-esque halter top numbers. Long sleeved peasant shirts with bell sleeves in sheerish fabrics will be around forever - if you can get your hands on some - and vintage Stevie Nick-ish MuMus that emphasize the waist work with the hippie revival - and will help you appear hip and happening rather than afraid of your thighs. Also realize that a lot of this is about your personal perspective. If you start picturing yourself with the body that you want - you will eventually get closer to it. Trust me.

Chubby schmubby - everybody's chubby after a long winter and a spring that won't quite kick in. If you truly hate your arms - and it's not just in your head - try some easy lightweight repetitions (liter bottles of water work fine) 10 minutes a a day for a week on each arm - and you WILL see a change. Lap swimming is our favorite arm maintainance to conjure when the weights bore us to tears. Arms are worth working on a bit. They build bone mass for women and they psychologically represent the strength that we all can use more of.
Keep us posted!
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Subject: Levi's 501's
Hello there,

I've been cruising the Internet trying to discover, what make Levi 501's authentic? I bought some recently at an online auction and fear that they aren't ther "real thing". The back label, inside tag, and rivits match the pairs I bought in the stores, many, many moons ago (4-5 years). The only thing that doesn't match is the red-tag on the pocket. It does not have the "Levis" name, just a registered trademark symbol. Have I been taken for a hayride? *note: I only paid about $10 a pair of jeans, including shipping. Thanks!

Subject: Levi's 501's

Dear Denim Seeker,
Help is just a phone call away. Call the official Levi's® consumer affairs hotline to find out: 1.800.USA.LEVI