The March files


Dear Fashion Icon,
I've just started to shop for my prom outfit and it hit me that this total splurge is for just one night! Once it's all over isn't there some way to wear some of my wicked new stuff later on in the year? It would be mad sad not to use them again. Any ideas about what I can do?

Almost Pouting



Dear Prom Princess-To-Be,
Stop worrying your pretty head. Pouting is for quitters. After all that hard work, you can certainly keep your prom ensemble gainfully employed long after the last dance! Your best prom scores are items that can live to see a stylish revival for seasons to come. Look for pieces that can multi-task like the capelet pictured on our model or belts that can double as dramatic necklaces. Used cleverly, they can lift your style spirits when and if you hit a summer wardrobe slump. Remember, once you're actually at your prom in the outfit of your dreams the only thing on your mind should be having fun!

Start working on those dance moves!
Fashion Icon