The June files

Subject: Pool Party or Bust!

Dear Fashion Icon,

Eek! I have a pool party to attend in July. I am stuck between wearing a two-piece or a one-piece suit. I am not a skinny-winny by any means, but am also not a fatso. I have tried on a two-piece and am pretty comfortable, but am not sure about wearing it in a social setting. In addition to the "normal" party anxiety, this dilemma has me worried about people staring at my wrongful suit choice. Am I being a prude? The one-piece has a more interesting design. What are the latest swimwear fashions and how can I make them work for me?

Prudent Partygoer

Dear Prudence,

Making a fashionable splash starts with a solid comfort zone!

You said yourself that you feel "pretty comfortable" in the two-piece. Does that suit also give you the freedom to swim vigorously, play Marco Polo and dive into the pool - while feeling "secure"? Just like the shoes you would wear to a dance, you want your ensemble choice to give you free reign to have fun and not spend a minute worrying about what you're wearing. Wear the option that best supports your being your most funloving, summergirl self - and you'll be a poolside sensation!

This summer's best looks are all mixed up and non-matching suits are still quite the fashion statement. If you find a top and bottom from different sets that each fit you fab, then wear them together! Bonus comes with getting double the "suitage" out of your shopping budget.

Push the look even further with an oversized floral scarf on your head and sporty shades a la French movie-star. You can douse conditioner on your hair first and passively multi-task in the beauty arena.

Having the scarf within reach also serves double-duty as your socially conscious security blanket. It can make a fast and easy transition to instant sarong use during your more prudish moments.

Don't forget your sunscreen and have fun!

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