The January files

Subject: Fashion help please! :)

OK Guru...I love the newest style of jeans that are out right now...the ones with the slit on the bottom...either the side or in the problem is what looks best to wear on your feet with these pants? Sandals? Runners? Knee high boots? Ankle boots? dress shoes?? I am so confused, please help me out :) Thank you, Fashionably Confused...

Dear Confused,

The quickest way through confusion is to realize that you are in charge. Of your jeans, of your shoes, of your hosiery and your hairstyle. Once you've mastered this mindset, you're ready to style thine self from a solid base.

In the winter you can either do boots or groovy socks with sandals. Weather permitting, we are loving fishnet knee-his over tights with heels, Vans or short boots. Whatever makes you feel most like you in this betwixt jeans and skirt vibe of garment.

Have fun!


Subject: Wedding Outfit

Dear Miss Icon,
I'm in desperate need of help and advice, I have 10 days to find an outfit for a posh wedding. I have no idea what to wear, the shops have very little new stock in at the moment, all that is there is the left over sale goods.

I'm 22, 5ft 2, size 8-10, have good sized bust, my legs are my worst asset (short) and my bum . I need to look great as I'm going with my boyfriend who will be wearing the kilt. All his old school friends will be there who are a few years older then me. I've met a few but get the impression that some of his female friends are not very welcoming, so basically I want to look stunning and better than them (is that so wrong?) What do I wear? I want to look sexy, but it's going to be freezing.
Signed, Desperina

Dear Madame Posh,
Why are some people so exhausting?

First delete all of those negative thoughts about the non-welcoming female crew. You're letting them put a damper on your style center. When you get there - make a point to smile a lot and be open to being nice. Often people who behave like that are just insecure. Show them that you aren't threatening - and I bet they'll like you just fine. Be the girl they all want to emulate and be friends with and not competition. What you should be wearing during this moment of truth is something to keep you warm (projects sensibility) that you feel physically comfortable in (so you can be the you that you are).

Without seeming stogy, a lightweight fashion-ey suit that's a hair above the knee like the hot tamales in the 1940s used to wear seems right. A light greyish blue with a faux fur collar - and any blouse you like. It will pair nicely with your beau's kilt. You'll be a sexpot and toasty to boot. You can even go vintage and wear some great stockings and shoes.

Follow the movie star lead with your make-up too. Arched brows, not a lot of base or powder, simply blushed cheeks and lips and maybe a touch of eyeliner.
Have fun with the palate. The blouse could be pale pink or lavender paired with maroon or eggplant heels. Dark gray tights lengthen the legs...
Keep us posted,

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