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Subject: Re: Bikini Time

Dear Fashion Icon,
It's bikini time and I was wondering the best way to get rid of unsightly hair on my bikini line and lower stomach? If I use a razor, I can only shave in the direction of the hair growth or else I'll get irritation without a close enough shave. I've tried hair-removal creams, they work fine, but what do I do when hair grows back and I have to wait for it grow long? I haven't tried waxing, mainly because I don't know anything about it. And what about the hair on my lower abs? Oh help!
:) Werewolf in AZ

Dear Troubled Werewolf,
You have nothing to fear but fear itself. Deep breath. Razors usually cause bumps and NAIR (the fastest and friendliest brand that we trust) seems to be OK on a weekly basis, with the trick being not to leave it on too long: Thus the bumps. You can use it at the 1/8 inch level, so no need to wait for optimum growth, you hairy thing, you. We recommend bleaching the lower ab hair - rather than the next step - just because it's a huge drag to keep removing it. In the meantime, "Everything you wanted to know about bikini waxing but didn't know who to ask" is here, especially for you and your personal dilemma.

Good luck! Fashion Icon

Subject: Dirty Denim

Hi. I LOVE the distressed denim look and want to do something different for Back-to-School. Are there any special kinds of washes that I can use to transform my pants? 
Need something new

Dear Poppy New-Look,
Go ahead, do it your fashionable self, and mess 'em up clean like this studio project or use the same process but dollop some brown or green RIT dye into your hot tub instead of bleach.
Have fun,
Fashion Icon

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