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Subject: Used-to-be-hip Mom

I am a first time Mom and my "new" baby is already a year old. This is all great, except for my fashion rut. I'm miraculously back in shape but I can't break the habit of baggy button downs, plain tank tops and little sweater sets. I used to have an ecletic BOHO meets Rocker chic style but I can’t seem to find my way back. Makeup trends have also changed since my hiatus and I can't move past my ponytail. Please help me find my style again.

Dear Former Hipster,
Being stylish is just like riding a bike, with a few key pieces to jog your style memory, you'll be back in the saddle in no time. While you were becoming a mother, BOHO took a hiatus too. Rocker chic, on the other hand, seems to be here to stay. Even the upper-crusted collections gave a nod to Goth and Rock that you can draw from in an affordable fashion. For starters, dump the baggy button-downs and pave the way for one pair of really great fitting jeans – and one pair of skinny no-pleat black pants (Gap, Limited, H&M).

Follow with one awesome leather belt with a rocking buckle. Reverse the ravages of sweater set syndrome with a good pirate/poet’s blouse in off-white – that you can wear alone, with a jacket or under a vest.

Invest in one Mod black and white striped turtleneck or long sleeved sweater (that you can wear alone, with a jacket, under a vest or under a rocker T). Make-up is easy. Make sure your brows are in order and add a dab of eyeliner on the outer upper lids. Headbands and headscarves are also back with a bang and can recapture a bit of Boho without actually going there, while making you feel more “dressed” and “in-the-know”.

Soon you’ll have so many great ideas you won’t need us anymore.

Good Luck!
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