The December files

Subject: Scarf School 101

Dear Fashion Icon,
Last year, my husband and I spent the holidays in Europe, where I noticed that almost everyone, no matter how casual, looked very polished, even in the dead of winter. This was not America. Upon further observation, I realized that one of the key elements holding everyone together was the way in which they tied their scarves. I've spent the last week in front of the mirror trying to duplicate the look and feeling more American than ever!. How do they do it? I need to know now!

Dear Determined Diva To Be,
Leave it to the Europeans to turn something seemingly simple, into an art form. Fear not, as you too can master the art of effortlessly pulled-together scarf tying with a few easy steps. The trick lies in the first step. Fold a long scarf of manageable (not too thick) material in half. Place behind your head, and wrap around your neck. Slide the ends through the loop (making sure they're almost even). Adjust until snug and comfortable. After a few tries, you'll be ready to flaunt your newfound European flair at outdoor Cafés, well into spring.
Bon Voyage!
Fashion Icon