The August files

Re: Style To Boot

Dear Fashionable Icon,
On a recent trip to Milan my aim was to return with a cool pair of Italian boots. I accomplished this but now that they're home I don't have the foggiest idea what to team them up with. They are mid-calf plain leather pointy toe with a stillettoish kinda cherrywood heel. I think the problem is a colour one. They are lilac all over but the main front foot part including toe is a deep purple croc. They are beautiful (!) but having already teamed them with jeans - and they don't look that great. I need help (oh please).
Well-Heeled Desperado

Dear Desperate Boot Goddess,
Love truly is summer shoe sales in Milan. Italians are fiercely loyal to taking the month of August off for vacance - - - which means that they sell the farm cheap in July. Don't stop at Milan - there's the whole shoeful city of Florence waiting to boot! first, forget all pre-existing "color in a box" thinking. You can totally decide that lilac is a neutral - and treat it as such by really, really clashing with confidence. Matching is a thing of the past. If you must "coordinate", lilac works beautifully with slivery fall and winter greys and believe it or not - red. Go for skirts with tights or flight suits, but don't let them go to waste.
Fashion Icon

Subject: Help me lose my boyish ways!!!!

Dear Fashion Icon -
I'm going into the eighth grade and I was really chubby until I joined the swim team. Now I'm not lil' miss stick but I'm not big boned either. The only thing I want is a new girly look. When I was in 4th grade I had to cut my hair because it was growing weird. So picture me as a boyish Eve (ya know the rapper). I have no highlights - it's just black and I hate it when people mistake me for a boy. I need a look that's cheap enuff but still cute. Not Gucci exactly and kinda fashion bug. Help me!!!!!!!! I want to go into eighth grade with the look of a beautiful girl. I think I have a good face but need some extra help.

-- Always,
p.s. I love your site it's so creative!!!!

Dear Inner Girly-Girl,
We love you too! First of all - never let yourself think that true tomboys are anything less than fierce! Embrace your boyishness by combining some tomboy looks (aka plaid pants, boyish newsboy hats) - and mix them up with something decidedly lacy. If you really want to up your girly girl ratio - you need to arm yourself with some unmistakably girly ammunition:
• Get a coupla cute girly hair barrettes. Wear 'em when you need an easy girly lift.
• Tie a velvet ribbon around your neck for Victoriana verve.
• Get a few sweater girl cardigans to wear over lacy little T's and camisoles in the fall.
• Keep pale pink lip gloss handy.
• Add blinky, girly brooches and pins for your boyfriend sweaters and hats.
• A BIG smile and a good girly giggle and you're set to go!