The April files

Subject: "White Shoes"

Dear Miss Icon,
We have a debate (albeit small), in our group regarding the "white shoes" dilemma. When you can start wearing them, etc... What's the word today on this topic?
Miss Appropo

Dear Miss Appropo,
There are no rules - except the ones in your head. If you have a great outfit that can be made to look even fiercer with white shoes, then wear them with wild abandon, no matter what time of day or year it is. The key to keeping the spring in your step is all in your attitude. If you act like you think you're a chump for wearing them so early - you'll look like one. If you believe everybody else is missing out on all the fun that you're having with your white shoes - you win!
Fashion Icon

Subject: Socks

Oh fashionable one,
We have a dispute in our office maybe you can solve. when dressing business casual what color socks should men wear with brown shoes and khaki pants? When selecting socks to wear should you match your shoes or your pants, or maybe your shirt?
Office Style Monitor

Dear Sock Watcher,
Even "Business Casual" doesn't have to mean boring. Given our true spring style druthers, we'd always vote for sandals, which is office policy dependant. Re socks: I love slightly patterned (paisley, houndstooth, tiny tie prints) socks that pick up subtle khaki beige pant or shoe hues. It (sock wearing) seems to work best by sticking to the tones seen directly against the sock (shoe/pant leg). Socks - along with ties - are great places to let some self expression seep through - which is the whole point anyway.
Good Luck,
Fashion Icon

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