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Subject: Subtle Change
Sent: 11/22/00 2:49 PM

From: Kitty Blair ""

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What are some tips to make my hair look hotter? It is short, about shoulder length, and blonde. I have bangs. Please help me??? I need a change, but don't have much to work with.
Signed, Shorty Girl

Dear Short Change Seeker,
Been there, done that. Know exactly what you mean. Light layers work wonders - that way you can shake you head around and throw out the blow dryer or drive around in a convertible - and still look sexy. The downside is that you can't do your usual pony tail stuff- but who cares. Right?
Good luck,
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Subject: Cutting to the chase here
Sent: 12/2/00 12:35 PM
From: Lauren Soto ""

Dear Beautyline,
I need help. my hair is neck length and boring me to tears. Help me please.
Too bored to sign anything cute

Dear Bored Cut Chaser,
I can relate - it happens to the best of us. Is is just straight across? Winter's a good time to try something different - with safety hats at every turn. Why not try a cute semi layered look? If you're brave and really want a change - here's a do-it-yourself shaggying hairdo to check out. Get a friend to help if you can - and get some sharp "real" hair scissors. Lean over forward and gather all your hair in a "ponytail" with your hand at the crown of your head. Have your friend gather the rest of the hair evenly all the way to the end pointed straight out at a 90 degree angle from the crown. Cut off about a half of an inch. Toss your head back - and suddenly you have a cascade of layers. You can experiment by just doing the bangs - or by making the angle more severe. The more you cut and the greater the angle - the more intense your resulting shaggy do will be. Lesser shag seekers can snip the sides for some gentle layering. (Pictured here)
Happy Choppin',
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Subject: Re: cool hair tricks for the spring
From: ""

We usually go to CA for the spring and I just don't know what to do with my hair. This winter my hair seems even thinner? Could you maybe give me some ideas what I could do?
Thin head

Dear Travelin' Thin Head,
Plannin' a whole season ahead, eh? It's never too soon. First and foremost throw out your conditioner. Bye-bye - no more. Toss it away! Conditioner weighs thin hair down like a damp hat. Check out Finesse with the conditioner combo in it already - and maybe by spring try to wean yourself off of that too. Rinsing with a home remedy of half apple cider vinegar and half H2O helps pump up the shine and boost the hair's natural body. Cutting some light easy layers can help too. Do it yourself if you dare - or visit a pro.
Bon Voyage,
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