Let's face the cold facts: The winter wonderland doesn't do much for anybody's rosy spring complexion. Hot dry apartment living combined with drastic temperature changes in and out of doors leaves our skin flaky and our throats parched. So what's a girl to do? Put these winter tricks up your fleece lined sleeves:

  • Hydrate - inside and out. Arm your bedroom with a humidifier for skin and hair's sake. Keep it in clean, working order with a simple weekly wash of white vinegar and hot water. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day.

  • Never leave the house without tinted SPF 15 Blistex. Cheap "two fer" packages can be yours for $1.99. Sheer enough to apply to your lips in dark movie theaters and ski slopes at nightfall and never - ever make a mess of it. Surprise double duty bonus as the very best creme cheek blush ever - that can also be applied mirror free!

  • Exfoliate all that dead dry skin all over. Often! Do it naturally (and for under three bucks) with Miss Queen Helene's Oatmeal and Honey facial scrub.

  • When you're doing your 3 mile speed walk, walking the dog, parking the car or running dumb errands, condition those dry scaly hands while you're at it. Designate a pair of non-leather gloves - fleece is good - and slather cocoa butter - (or shocker - any petroleum based goop that you can find) all over them - pre glove entry. No one will know but your softer hands.

  • The same regimen is good for dish washing under rubber gloves and nets the added bonus of a subtle heat treatment from the hot running water. Clean • clean • clean your way to softer hands.

  • We highly recommend Red Fox "Tub 'O Butter" as the numero uno winter product of choice. Also a good measure for lap swimmers to slap under eyes (pre goggle) to combat drying chlorine damage. Doubles as your big ol' pot'o lip gloss that just won't quit.

  • Speaking of lip gloss - keep your fingers in your own pot this winter. Don't be afraid of dissing your friends to stay healthy. Cold sores are a national teen epidemic. Winter snogging - cold-sore-free - more than outweighs any awkward situation.