Dear Diary,

Thank God Julie reminded me that the "Siegerson Morrison Crazy Sale" was just around the bend and not to miss it. Memories of the last "Crazy Sale" and the beautiful four inch heels I snared for such an unbelievable price still lingered. I had to have more.

Saturday, 10 AM The store wouldn't open till eleven but a few women had already started lining up including one armed with a very large suitcase. I thanked the shopping gods that I got the time wrong because as fourth on line I was able to peek in and assess the location of size 7 1/2s and start my style edit. I also knew could get away with 7s that had an open back, therefore doubling my shoe potential.

10:30 AM The line of women starting reaching down the block. Traffic stopped to gaze. Sly young girls would try to engage me in conversation but I ignored them all! I knew they just wanted to slip into my spot without having to wait at the end of the line. The feminist within wanted to show a kinship with my women folk and celebrate what we were about to receive, but this was shoe war and I had to win!

11 AM Anxious about how many people would be allowed to go in first, I held my ground on being in the first batch. I was just hoping that the few women in front of me weren't size 7 1/2. I stared at their feet. My heart pounded. The door swung open and the store filled instantly with women pushing their way in. The door shut. I had infiltrated.

11:05 AM Diary, you would have been so proud! I went straight for the four styles that I had picked ahead of time (1 for $59, 2 for $100). Three opened back size sevens and only one 7 1/2. As I tried them on I knew in a perfect world that size 7 1/2 would have been ideal, but it wasn't like my foot was hanging over the sides. For two hundred dollars, all four became perfect. The chaos that was ensuing was becoming unbearable, even dangerous. Women were flinging themselves across the ottoman to snare up any style that might be their size. Falling all over each other and stepping on each other's bare feet. The poor remaining outsiders had their faces pressed up against the store glass, their hopes fading with every passing second that one decent shoe would be left for them.

I yelled to the salesgirl that my styles were set and I needed the other halves of the pairs. This was an unforeseen peril. The left shoes were stored out of reach in the shelves above. The poor girl had to waggle the ladder around the ceiling. Styles were scattered everywhere! Shoe crazed women were trying to grab my prized styles, but I grabbed them right back. I ran to the back and paid up. I had to escape from the craziness!

My glowing feeling of pride and accomplishment was overwhelming. As I was darted out the door, women were high-fiving me and only then could I let down my wall of aggression and celebrate with my fellow sisters. They were happy for me and I was happy for them.

11:20 AM I passed the line that still extended all the way down the block and left the "Crazy Sale" behind.
Till next season that is.

Hardcore Shopper
Natalie Rivera