Fashion history-making activities are also upon us. Levi's new Euro launched Levi's Engineered Jeans have arrived stateside and are the must wear item on the hips of all who deem themselves continental. Revamped for this millennium, the new coin pocket is big enough for a pager and the tencel cotton canvas blend is tough enough for all kinds of urban warfare. The result of a marketing quest to feed the hungry younger set who need the new and the phat 24/7, the new jeans feel amazing on and come with instant chic appeal as they were available only in Europe until last month. Be the first kid on your block to sport these like you've worn 'em all your life. If new jeans are not enough for your adventurous spirit, win the Levi's "Feats of Engineering" contest and get transported to the Guggenheim in Spain or the tallest building in Malaysia.

Special details in the new jean pool.

Other time consuming activities for some include law suits. SURFACE magazine is now suing TSE Surface for use of the similar font face on their clothing label - forcing the Nolita based store to close its doors until the new labels arrive. Someone's lawyer was absent for the trademark class. One is a print publication. One is a clothing line complete with an extra word. Why can't everybody just get along?

Every good sun worshipper, movie star and spy worth their salt needs a pair of solid shades. Some 20 years ago, David Lasky was just an ordinary clothing rep in Chicago until the fateful day he stumbled upon some dead sunglass stock in an old costume jewelry warehouse basement. The original boxes of wild Japanese, Italian, French frames from the 60's and 70's were in mint condition and were decorated with beautiful, campy artwork of people in beach scenes and sunsets. He knew he was on to something when the stores ate up his stock and begged for more. Starting with dead stock and no name, a friend said "incognito" in passing (right place, right time) during a shoot and the lights went off in David's head. Now the head designer at his very own Incognito sunglasses, he often goes back to his mod musical roots (Detroit/Drummer/The Stooges) and considers pop culture with every frame. "Our glasses appeal to quite a bit of clientele but we focus on the "very" edgy customers that are leading the current trends. For example, the entire staff from D&G just bought out all of my aviators at Screaming Mimi's."

Everyone looks good Incognito.

Fashion Icon
August 2000