Speaking of broadcast, we are knee deep in a brand new ridiculous television era based on the real live activities of other people that we do not know. As always, MTV was ahead of its time when its voyeuristic you-are-there Real World hit the screen. All network copycats to follow are about as genuine as recording a Mariah Carey cover would have been in 1999. Try to break yourself of too much TV activity soon - as it eats into valuable shopping time. And why watch American High if you can actually go there this fall?

Snakeskin and ponyprint reappear as *new* *hot* trend items like clockwork every three years or so. Snakeskin's recent appearance on the Home Shopping Network, however, has heavily marred its potential fall luster. Apparently the HSN wrap piece, available in four shades of snake-y polyester, was designed by the house of Marie Claire magazine as "interpreted while attending the collections". We can look the other way if we avoid predictability in its use (read totebags) and stick to belts and bathing suits. Stay alert for "otherskin" alternatives.

Film's influence on fashion is confusing at best. The chicken. The egg. The stylist. The star. Try not to be swayed by omnipresent movie posters unless there is some bearing on the tone of stylish things to come. Par example: Coyote Ugly is not a trendsetting film, therefore cowboy hats are still over except as a shield from the sun.

By all means plan ahead for a booming Charlie's Angels style resurgence. Uber style leaders Gucci and Bottega Veneta have already led the way with the 70s vibe, so plan on pumping up the volume hard with the release of the upcoming film. Be ahead of the curve by keeping all eyes peeled for jumpsuits on your non-Nolita driven shopping sprees. Best places to look in the New York area include Domsey's Brooklyn and every Salvation Army USA (again while in the cross-country Winnebago with mom and dad).