New York City's "Nolita" frenzy may have quelled at last. This land of trendy shoppers and a brand new name (North of Little Italy) has finally seen its heyday. We are happy to see less of the limo drawn trend seekers and more kids in blow up pools curbside with dad on the barbecue. Like summer in Manhattan is supposed to be. If your friends from Germany still insist on giving it a whirl, navigating through Nolita's murky waters can be tough, so we have provided you with this highlighted map to get you through to the other side.

1. National Wholesale Liquidators East across Houston and down the Bowery. Good strip for rare Jim Jarmusch sightings: Look for Jim always in understated black as though hoping to avoid attention.
2. Good spot for effortless Vincent Gallo spottings: Vincent can be easily spotted as though hoping to attract attention.
3. Good spotting area for Cat Power's Chan Marshal eating sushi with very cute boys.

The sale sign still holds strong magnetic powers in this neighborhood. And the Siegerson Morrison sale is an annual wonder to behold. We have never witnessed a frenzy quite like it - and sent in a seasoned veteran for a personal account.